Signature Vichy Shower Massage | Duration: 60 Minutes | Price: SGD230.00

Enjoy a soothing massage with rich botanical oils as you recline on a heated marble bed under the downpour of a warm Vichy Shower. This treatment begins with an invigorating dry brushing and a relaxing facial massage, featuring essential oils to relieve stress and tension. The combination of soothing massage strokes and warm water is profoundly rejuvenating.


Signature Warm Rassoul Wrap | Duration: 60 Minutes | Price: SGD230.00

Long recognized for its high mineral content and moisturizing benefits, Rassoul is used in this treatment to purify and hydrate the skin. A stimulating dry brushing prepares the body for a gentle application of orange blossom-scented warm Rassoul, followed by a smooth cotton muslin wrap. While reclining on a heated marble bed to activate the nourishing properties of Rassoul, your face is massaged with precious argan oil. The wrap is followed by a soothing warm Vichy Shower and gentle pour of exquisite rose or orange blossom water.


Signature Black Soap Body Wash | Duration: 75 Minutes | Price: SGD230.00

Inspired by traditions of the Middle East and the Mediterranean, this cleansing ritual begins with a purifying steam bath in our unique Eucalyptus-scented Steam Chambers. Indulge in a decadent Olive and Eucalyptus Black Soap, which is rinsed under a warm Vichy shower while you recline on a heated marble bed in a private wet room. The wash is followed by an invigorating traditional kassa glove exfoliation to remove dead cells and impurities, and completed with a body rinse of warm floral water. The treatment leaves you with silky smooth skin and an exhilarating feeling of wellbeing.


Signature Warm Jade Stone Massage | Duration: 90 Minutes | Price: SGD290.00

Smooth stones of China’s “royal gem”, jade, are combined with flowing massage strokes and a custom aromatherapy blend for the ultimate synergy of healing, balancing and rejuvenating properties. This unique treatment warms and loosens muscles, soothes mental and physical tension, eliminates fatigue, balances energy flow and fosters a deep sense of wellbeing and inner peace, taking relaxation to a new level. Soothing cool jade stones are used on the face for rested and radiant skin.


All prices are subject to 10% service charge and prevailing goverment taxes of 7%.


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